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Mental Health Helpline Volunteers

Who are the volunteers?

The volunteers represent a wide cross-section of the community. Mental health professionals train volunteers from various walks of life. These include the Legal, teachers, engineering professionals, as well as students, homemakers and the retired.

Who can apply?

You must be a high school graduate and at least 18 years old.

You must have genuine interest in helping others.

You must not be currently receiving services provided by Telearogya Crisis line

If above complied, A volunteer’s details are received and reviewed, and a training is scheduled and completed before the volunteer is able to access the mainframe.

How are the volunteers trained?

Extensive Online training is provided for all volunteers. Our volunteers are trained in 90 minute sessions amounting to 900 minutes of training. Trainees receive training on both theory and practice of being a psychological first responder.

What is the time commitment?

A calendar is shared at the beginning. A volunteer is expected to be available 4 times a month besides acting as back up at least 2 times.

How I am emotionally supported through tough crisis calls?

If a crisis caller is more than you can handle, you can contact the supervisor to intervene/take over.

What can I get out of volunteering?

Many have shared the satisfaction of making a difference to another in need. A sense of gratification to have made a difference to the distressed.

For students, a resume of work experience and workshop of learning psychological first aid or school course work credit.

The training and experience will help develop communication skills and personal strength.

How do I volunteer?

To get the first experience, call this number – 08045901234

Our volunteers will help you to sign up Or write to

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