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Mental Health Counselling

What is counselling?

Crisis counselling provides intervention through psychological talk therapy. It provides structure, support and information necessary for callers to arrive at a solution.

What type of counselling?

There are two approaches to providing help over the telephone or the Internet. The first is non-directive listening (inspired by the psychotherapy approach of Carl Rogers [1957]), and the other combines active listening with a more direct problem-solving approach (based on crisis theory, solution-focused therapy techniques or collaborative problem-solving).

What are the typical types of crisis situations encountered with telephone counselling?

During these pandemic times, COVID fear and anxiety is addressed for all age groups.

For Teen - issues with friendship, family, dating, and academics, social and sexual issues.

For Adults - Relationship issues, family conflicts, Abuse - physical, mental and sexual, financial problems, emotional issues like anxiety, stress, depression and suicide.

For seniors - Loneliness, financial, loss

Can rape survivors call the crisis line?

Yes. Rape is a crisis that warrants emotional and psychological intervention. Our volunteers are first line interventionists. Immediate one- on-one support will be given. Further help can be sought through other resources.

Is this line confidential?

Yes. This crisis line is completely confidential. Your number identity is masked. You can reveal your personal identity to your comfort level.

Can I frequently call this number and be in continued therapy?

This is a crisis call line, meant for only a first line psychological Band-Aid. For continued services, volunteers can help with resources if need be.

Will I be able to talk to the same counsellor every time?

No. Voluntary work as the name suggests has no restrictions. Calendars are marked in advance so that crisis callers like you can avail help continuously.

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